november 15 & 16

STARTER: moussaka filled eggplant cannelloni!  

Cannelloni made of roast eggplant filled with spiced ground lamb,

tomato, eggplant & a touch of cinnamon.

Topped with goat cheese béchamel and parmesan. $11  

ENTREE: seared red snapper!

Topped with sauté of fennel, grape tomatoes, capers, garlic,

shallots & fennel fronds.

Accompanied by roast fingerling potatoes & seared asparagus. $28 GF


VEGETARIAN ENTREE: potato gnocchi!

Sauteéd in brown butter with sage, spinach, butternut squash & cremini mushrooms. Topped with shiitake “bacon” and accompanied by green salad. $21